Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Just what part of 'NO' do you NOT understand?

I exercised. And you know what happened? After a set of sit-ups and lunges each, my thighs have turned into rock solid boulders of pain. Pain, so excruciating that I'm unable to climb stairs, walk straight or squat down on my haunches. It is crazy. My colleague tells me that if it pains, it means its working. Pray, tell me, what exactly is working? My nociceptor nerves that tell me how badly my thighs hurt? I am quite annoyed at myself now. First, I actually gather my willpower to do some exercise and then when I think my body will reward me for it, it punishes me with pain. Almost as if its sending me a signal. A signal that if I exercise again, it will hurt even more and so I should abandon the idea instantly. Hmmm.... I read somewhere that one should listen to one's body.

People expect too much from me. I feel sorry for them. I want them to understand that expecting things from a hopeless person like me is a complete waste of time and energy. Do not expect me to know anything, do anything or understand anything. I am a lost cause and I do not feel sorry about it. I'd like to be left alone and I'd love it if you didn't bother me with your complex demands. Demands that are seemingly simple for you, but are very complicated for me to process and work upon. Buzz off everyone.

Today is the day when I want to fling rubber bands at everyone. Like, everyone. There are other days when all I want to do is break all my crockery. Not because I'm mad or something but because I enjoy the crashing sound that glass makes when it breaks. I am a crackpot isn't it? Muhahahahha....

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