Thursday, 29 December 2011

I should totally go to Ibiza...

M, my friend from work gave me a priceless nugget of wisdom yesterday. I'm eating grilled chicken and chips and she's mulling over her oriental sizzler and she suddenly looks up and says, "You know, its possible to be in love with two people at the same time, but its not possible to love them both in the same way." I look at her and offer her some of my chips. She accepts them and continues eating. French fries in exchange of a profound statement. Fair deal.

The hunt for the 'Perfect Top to wear on New Year's Eve' is on. An hour of shopping at the Phoenix market City Mall has not yielded any results. I'm fed up. Firstly, I missed my lunch break to go shopping instead and secondly, I wear heels at work, which are so inappropriate for a shopping spree. So I'm left with a growling stomach that is just begging to be fed and sore feet. Also, I think I now hate shopping because I never find anything I like. I think I should design and stitch my own clothes. That should solve a lot of my problems.

I'm going to make a list of things I'd like to do before I turn 30. Then when I'm 30, I'll make a list of things that I didn't do before turning 30. Something tells me, both the lists will be the same. Because I never manage to get anything done. Especially things that I plan. Nothing happens to those plans. They never translate into action. If you're going to be all judgemental and question my ability to plan and manage and what not, go right ahead and do it. I am beyond the point of giving a damn about such things. I used to plan for the future and stuff, but life (and some Zen philosophy) taught me to live in the present. So I'm all about that now. I am 'Totally chilled out' as my younger sister would say or 'Irresponsible and lazy' as my mom would say. Again. I couldn't care less.

HM has asked the newspaper guy to deliver MINT everyday. So all I get to read about is the Stock Market and some other economic stuff that I'm not really interested in. But I do read MINT Lounge every weekend and I enjoy it a lot. HM never reads the newspaper. Anyway, today's copy had some Income Tax details on the front page. I always like to read who paid how much tax and so I started reading the article. Akshay Kumar has paid 6 Crore, Anand Mahindra has paid 3 Crore and Mr. Kotak and Ratan Tata have paid some 80 - 90 Lacs or something. But thats not important here. Fali Nariman and Zia Mody have each paid around 1.5 -2 crore as taxes this year. Gosh! They are lawyers and they're earning so much! What in the name of God am I doing with my worthless existence? I'm a lawyer too! All this is doing the rounds in my head today and I'm unable to focus on my job that pays me quite well, but now I want to make big bucks just so that I can pay a hefty amount in tax and get featured on MINT. You see how wonderfully brilliant my plans are?

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