Saturday, 10 December 2011

Arrey itna kachra kaise ho gaya?

So I finally decided to clean up my cabin today. I made a big deal about the whole activity. Like telling everyone how important it is to de-clutter your personal and professional space and all that shit. People actually asked me to 'de-clutter' their spaces too. Buggers.
Anyway, following is a list of 'unprofessional' things that have been lurking in my cupboard and drawers and shelves at work.

  1. Two guavas (Fortunately they weren't rotting in there, considering the fact that I bought them two days back and just forgot all about them)
  2. A netted bag full of gooseberries (These were bought with the guavas and met with the same fate)
  3. A packet of Hippo snacks with 4 cheeseballs inside 
  4. A half eaten pack of Digestive biscuits
  5. One pack of Frooti
  6. One lone half eaten Butter Chakli sitting pretty on a silver paper plate
  7. A pair of wedge heels (I kept slipping when I wear those to work and I got so annoyed that I yanked them off, stuffed them in a plastic bag and relegated them to a corner of my filing cabinet)
  8. A pair of pyjamas and some old tees (These were left at a friend's place during a sleepover and I never took them back home)
  9. Two packs of Lipton Ice tea premixed powder
  10. Three scrunchies
  11. A pack of Tic tac clips
  12. Four bottles of nail paint
  13. Old debit cards
  14. My cheque book (Oh Dear God! I've been searching you for so long!)
  15. Tiffin boxes (All mercifully empty)
  16. Scarves
  17. Cutlery
So all the above was finally cleared out. I am quite amazed as to how much clutter I had managed to collect. 
I feel better now. Time to get some candy to fill up the empty drawer...

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