Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I'm not your Aunty

So the kids in my building are calling me 'Aunty'. They are also calling HM 'Uncle' but he doesn't flinch like I do. Infact he's taken to hanging around with a bunch of li'l giggly ten year old girls who run around him when he takes the dogs for a walk He enjoys the 'Uncle' tag I think. And because I'm his wife, I 'automatically' become their 'Aunty'. Atleast this is the explanation I got when I asked a kid why they insisted on making me sound like an old hag. I have decided to call each kid Dadaji or Dadiji to get my revenge.

My war against cellulite has taken an interesting turn. The 'kahani me ek anokha mod' type. I had read this book by Rujuta Divekar ages ago and I happened to read it again. Intelligent book that makes a lot of sense. So I've decided to give it a try. Afterall someone who made Bebo look like THAT in Tashan and now like THIS in RaOne must be doing something right. Not that I consider Bebo as my benchmark for the perfect body. That slot is already taken by Shilpa 'how fit can a woman possibly be' Shetty. She is super amazing. But on second thoughts, Malaika Arora Khan isn't bad either. And she's also a mom which gives her extra points for being so fit inspite of that. I just hope I can get there.

The bai is maaroing chutti for the next four days. Which means in addition to cooking and generally making the house look presentable, I also have to sweep and mop the floors, dust the furniture and wash the utensils. HM will pitch in to clean up after the dogs and will be all sweet and offer to order food from the neighbouring restaurant to cut down my work load. I will get to crib at work about my absent bai and get fake sympathy form the other ladies. Its going to be fun.

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